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Patricio (Station Manager & Engineer) djtrokio@radioworldindie.org

Patricio aka DJ Trokio retired from a career in the electronics industry working for GTE, IBM, Hewlett Packard and his own private audio systems consulting firm. He Joined in the project to bring about Radio World Indie because of its emphasis on cultural awareness through music. He is the engineer for the station and participates on air as a host for two shows on the stations weekly schedule.

You can hear him hosting shows called "Around the World in 80 Minutes" and "World Beat" inspired by his cultural back ground and world travels. He’s familiar with most of the music categories in the genre known as "World Beat" which include Afro Pop, Afro Folk, Celtic, Flamenco, High Life, Raga, Rai, Reggae, Samba and Ska. He is familiar with the Traditional Music from many countries and cultures around the world. Trokio is a musician who makes and plays his own flutes. Playing with an Andean Music band for a few years helped firm his connection with independent artists.
When you hear one of his shows, go to the Radio World Indie FaceBook page and give him some love.

rasta twins
The Rasta Twins created by the Cosmic need for more Reggae were formed by Rastafari from Stardust and Ganja Ash to bring Reggae Music to world. They host the program called "Eagger Radio".

Tammy & Steffen Tammy Blea & Steffen together work the magic behind "Collective Frequency" Tammy is a very colorful spirit that has owned a hair salon for 11 years, a life time spiritualist and has 15 years expearence in life coaching and psychic work her goals are to bring all nations and souls together to change and shape the world with love light and of course Rainbows.
Steffen aka BoomShakakalaka. says "When you can't smile, just say Boomshakalaka!" because you can't say it without a smile.  Boomshakalaka is a Diplomatic Healer, who is on a quest to promote peace and happiness throughout the universe with an abundance of love! Boomshakalaka goes beyond being humanitarian he is a Creaturetarian. He supports the right of everyhing to live and is a vegan. People are attracted to him and his unknown mysteries.

reminds us to always remember...
Stay Positive, Keep your Head up, and Smile :)

DJ Swag Commander
Eugene Bolton, aka DJ Swag Commander

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He currently resides in Music City, USA, Nashville, Tennessee. From a young age Eugene has loved traditional Big Band/Swing music from the 20s through the 40s. He always loved its high energy and the fact that it was so danceable. He saw some links on the internet for some videos described as Electro Swing.

He was immediately  hooked! He decided to promote Electro Swing in Nashville,TN, and began amassing a library of Electro Swing music. Co-administrator of the Electro Swing group on Facebook and sole administrator of the Electroswing Family Facebook page, as well as Founder and President of Music City Steampunk Consortium, he has developed contacts and relationships with many of the Electro Swing musicians, producers, and DJs all over the world. So popular in Europe and some American cities, it disturbed him that the city most known for music, Nashville, did not have any Electro Swing scene. So, as Swag Commander Promotions, he began trying to get venues to bring the genre to his city.
Eugene (aka Swag Commander) loves the genre so much he wanted to expand his Electro Swing promoting and DJing even more. So he has come onboard with Radio World Indie, to be our first ever Electro Swing DJ.
Rain, aka Kamarah Kamarah
Host and producer of “Indie Lounge with Kamarah,” Rain says “Music is the blood which flows through my veins; it’s the air I breathe. The very first music I heard was boogie-woogie blues and from that point on I was hooked.” Born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs in the 1960s and 70s, she says “Radio was what was important to me. I used to listen to AM stations WLS and WCFL and begged my mother to buy me 45s rather than Barbie dolls. I would go to sleep with the radio on under my pillow, absorbing the soundtrack of my generation. My dream was to be on the radio where I could ‘be’ with the music.”

Fast-forward a few decades when Rain moved to Albuquerque and realized her dream of being on the air at community radio station, KUNM-FM. “I had no idea that I could be part of such an amazing community and to learn to do what I loved. As a Freeform DJ I programmed my own shows which meant I got to spend a LOT of time in their massive music library which housed not only cds but also the largest vinyl collection of any station in the state. I was a kid in a candy store!”

Being a part of the station naturally lent itself to networking in the local music community which led to writing for a couple of the local music magazines, Transmission and Hyperactive Music Magazine where she got to employ her journalism chops. When asked what her proudest achievements have been she cites interviews with such stars as Billy Idol, Shinedown, Static X and Relient K to name just a few. It was during this time that KUNM announced a lucrative opening for a host and producer on its “Ear to the Ground” show which featured live performances and interviews with local bands. Rain jumped at the chance and was selected. “I cherish that time, when I met and worked with so many great folks and got to be a part of a wonderful vibe in Albuquerque. The relationships that were forged have lasted to this day, and that means a lot to me.” In addition to hosting and producing, she’s also got engineering and remote show production under her belt. “We got to record a lot of live shows outside of the KUNM studios and that was great fun! Everything from doing a live broadcast in a remote truck downtown during the Albuquerque Fall Crawl to the Adventure of recording live outside in a dust storm for the day-long Madrid Blues Fest. Those were some great days!”
Regarding the gig with Radio World Indie she says “This is serendipity. I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderfully talented team and am looking forward to bringing our listeners the very best music from The Heart of The World!”
A few other professional highlights include the following:
            Founder of the ABQ Music Association
            Charter Member of the New Mexico Music Commission
            Charter Member of the Albuquerque Music Advisory Board
            Co-founder of the Hyperactive Music Fest
            Manager of two music stages at the New Mexico State Fair